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2020 Stock Market Update

How are your investments performing so far this year? The stock market in 2020 will go down in the history books, and we’re only halfway through the year. The big question is after the huge swings in the 1st and 2nd quarters, what should you expect from the markets the rest of this year and how should that influence your investment decisions? We are providing a Stock Market Update in this episode of Wise Money!

Season 5 Episode 47

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All The Ways You Can Mess Up Your 401(k)

Season 4 Episode 1

Your 401(k) is a critically important tool for your financial future, and has become more important in recent history with few pensions and a bleak outlook on Social Security.  Unfortunately, too many people are still making some unforced errors when it comes to using their 401(k).  Josh, Mike, and Kevin share those common mistakes with you and help you avoid them on this episode of Wise Money.

S3E50: 2018 Stock Market Update

We’re more than halfway through 2018, how have your investments performed and what changes do you need to make now in order to capture the most upside during the second half of 2018?  Mike, Josh, and Kevin discuss the current themes that are driving the investing world and what could be ahead for the rest of the year.

S3E48: How 4 Years Can Propel Your Next 40 Years

How can 4 years of your life shape the next 40 years? Ron Powlus, Director of Player Development for the Notre Dame football team, and former Notre Dame quarterback, joins Mike, Josh, and Kevin in this week’s episode to discuss the 4For40: Excellence BeyoND program he’s developed for the football team.

S3E46: How to Succeed at Succession Planning

If you own a small business, it’s usually your most valuable financial asset in your financial life. In order for that asset to provide for you and your family, it’s crucial that you transition it well to the next generation. Business attorney Jamey Haigh rejoins the Wise Money show along with Mike and Josh to discuss how to succeed at succession planning for your small business.

S3E45: Should Your Small Business Be an LLC or S Corp?

Why should you structure your small business as an LLC, and when would an S Corp be a better option? In this episode of Wise Money, Mike and Josh welcome special guest business attorney Jamey Haigh to the program to discuss the various types of ways to legally structure your business and how to know which one is best for you.

S3E44: The What and the Why of Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be a difficult component of your financial life, not only because it is emotional, but also due to it’s complexity. This week, Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory welcome back attorney Mark Criniti to discuss what the essential elements of a good estate plan are and why you need them.

S3E43: What To Do When Life Throws You Curve-balls

Life is uncertain, sometimes you feel like you’ve got it all figured out, and other times your finances get hit with one thing after another. Planning for when everything is going right can be easy, but what about when life throws you curve-balls? Mike, Josh, and Kevin share their personal experiences and how you can set up a system in your finances to help the majority of what life throws at you.

S3E42: Are All Term Life Insurance Policies Created Equal?

Life insurance is complicated and it’s hard to distinguish one type from another, let alone have confidence that you know which one is right for you. Mike, Kevin, and Josh discuss the differences of life insurance policies, specifically the variation of Term Life insurance policies, in this episode of Wise Money.

S3E41: 2018 State of the Housing Market

Is now the time to put your house on the market? We’ve all heard the stories of bidding wars and offers for full list price, so is now the time for you to cash in, and should we expect this strong housing market to continue? Real estate expert and Realtor Diane Bennett with Remax 100 joins Mike and Kevin on this episode of Wise Money to discuss the current state of the housing market.
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