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How Your Thinking Impacts Your Money

Season 4 Episode 5

What does your thinking have to do with your ability to accumulate wealth?  Turns out, a lot more than you may believe.  In this episode, Mike, Josh, and Kevin share with you the 24 core beliefs that wealthy people adopt that help lead them to success.

Answering One of Financial Planning’s Biggest Questions

Season 4 Episode 4

Do you have the right life insurance in place? Do you have the right amount? Answering those questions are a critical component of your financial plan, especially when the stakes are so high. Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike in this episode as they ask one of financial planning’s biggest questions and help you know how to answer as well.

Should You Invest Using Mutual Funds or Exchange Traded Funds?

Season 4 Episode 3

Which is a better tool for investing: using mutual funds or exchange traded funds? Both have pros and cons, but on this episode of Wise Money, Mike, Josh, and Kevin help you decide which is best for you.

The Eight Best Indicators of the Long-Term Stock Market

Season 4 Episode 2
Every investor is looking for an edge on how to position their investments for what might lie ahead. With the stock market still in a 10 year bull market, many investors are wondering what’s next. In this episode of Wise Money, Mike, Josh, and Kevin discuss the eight best indicators of the long-term stock market and what you should do about it. 

All The Ways You Can Mess Up Your 401(k)

Season 4 Episode 1

Your 401(k) is a critically important tool for your financial future, and has become more important in recent history with few pensions and a bleak outlook on Social Security.  Unfortunately, too many people are still making some unforced errors when it comes to using their 401(k).  Josh, Mike, and Kevin share those common mistakes with you and help you avoid them on this episode of Wise Money.

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