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S3E52: College Planning Prep Course

By now most colleges students are off school, but do you have confidence in your financial plan of how to pay for it? Certified Financial Planners® Kevin Korhorn, Josh Gregory, and Mike Bernard help you plan for this important financial goal.

S3E51: Overcoming Retirement Obstacles

The Wall Street Journal posted an article recently stating that today’s retirees are entering old age dangerously under prepared. Despite laying out their case for
that opinion, they sadly did not offer any suggestions on how to overcome these challenges. In this episode of Wise Money, Mike, Kevin, and Josh share that data, but more importantly some options you have so that you can overcome those obstacles.

S3E50: 2018 Stock Market Update

We’re more than halfway through 2018, how have your investments performed and what changes do you need to make now in order to capture the most upside during the second half of 2018?  Mike, Josh, and Kevin discuss the current themes that are driving the investing world and what could be ahead for the rest of the year.

S3E49: The Four Financial Habits That Lead to Lasting Success

More important than how much money you make or where you grew up, there are four primary financial habits that lead to lasting financial success. Mike Bernard, Josh Gregory, and Kevin Korhorn teach and explain these four habits so that you can implement them in your financial life.
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