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S3E12:The GOP Tax Plan

Does the GOP’s Tax Plan have you worrying about this year’s tax bill? Join Kevin Korhorn and Mike Bernard with special guest Ryan Fair for a special Wise Money episode covering top tax strategies that can help you prepare for change and capture tax savings opportunities—in 2017 and beyond.

S3E13: Do You Need A Lot Of Money To Work With A Financial Planner?

You have lots of money questions and you know financial planners have answers. But when is the right time to start working with a planner? Mike Bernard, Josh Gregory, and Kevin Korhorn talk about how, when, and why to kick off a financial planning relationship in this episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group.

S3E11: An Introduction to Special Needs Financial Planning

Special needs require special planning. On this episode of Wise Money, Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory welcome guest Steve Gundy. An ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC) with more than 20 years of clinical experience in behavioral health working in psychiatric hospitals, therapeutic foster care, and Medicaid Waiver, Steve will share his insights into the unique financial strategies and techniques that can help parents of special needs children plan for a more secure financial future.

S3E10: Should You Own The Stock of the Company You Work For?

Corporate stock options sound great, but unless they’re used wisely, they don’t always work in your favor. In this week's edition of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group, Kevin Korhorn, Mike Bernard, and Josh Gregory discuss when it's wise to own employer stock, when it doesn't, and some
smart planning techniques to be sure this popular benefit really delivers perks over the long term.
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