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S3E9: The 7 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

We’re all trying to make wise financial decisions that will help us reach our financial goals and build and grow wealth.  In that pursuit, are there secrets that self-made millionaires have harnessed to help them get there that you could use to help you?  In this episode of Wise Money, Mike Bernard and Kevin Korhorn review the 7 habits that researchers found in common among the majority of self-made millionaires.

S3E8: Are You Ready For Your Medicare Decision?

Did you know that when you turn 65, you will face the biggest health insurance decision of your lifetime?  We're talking about that scary monster: Medicare. The system's complex menu of Parts and Plans make it a tricky challenge to figure out which options are best for you. Join Mike and Kevin as they welcome back special guest Ted Foster, our health insurance and Medicare expert, as they discuss each option and how to know which ones are truly best for you.

S3E07: What Is Your Vision For Retirement?

Many individuals are not satisfied with the conventional view of retirement, but would rather stay active and stay contributing as part of the vision for
retirement. This week on Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group, Kevin Korhorn, Mike Bernard, and Josh Gregory welcome back special guest, Jeff Bernier, CFP from Tandom Growth Financial Advisors in Alpharetta, Georgia to discuss a growing trend in how you might want to view your retirement.

S3E6: Will This Hurricane Season Impact Your Insurance Rates?

It is no doubt that one of the major headlines of 2017 has been the awful hurricane season. With some many hurricanes and with so much damage, are there any changes you need to make to your home and auto insurance? Also, are your rates more likely to go up due to all of the claims that the insurance companies are receiving? Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory welcome one of KFG’s insurance advisors, Alysia Boehner, to answer these
questions and more in this episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group.

S3E5: Don’t Make This FAFSA Mistake

The FAFSA application for the 2018-19 school year opens on October 1st, are you ready to fill out this crucial college planning document? This week on Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group, Kevin Korhorn, Mike Bernard, and Josh Gregory will help you navigate this important task by discussing planning techniques and mistakes to avoid.
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