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S2E30: FP Series: #3 TaxPlanning

Every financial decision you make influences your taxes. That is one of the reasons Tax Planning is such an integral component of a strong financial plan. In this episode, Mike, Josh, and special guest Bill Mock discuss their favorite tax planning strategies and help you begin the process of tax planning in your life.

S2E29: FP Series: #2 Protection Planning

There are six areas to your financial life and the second area, Protection Planning, is where you assess the financial risks on your shoulders and proactively decide how you want to manage them. Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike as they explore the most common types of financial risks people are exposed to and ways that you could consider managing them in your financial life.

S2E28: FP Series: #1 Present Financial Position

The foundation to a solid financial life is having good habits within your Present Financial Position.  Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike in the 2nd episode of their new series on Comprehensive Financial Planning where they discuss the importance of your Present Financial Position.

S2E27: What Really Is Financial Planning?

Financial professionals have a variety of specialties and approaches to how they help individuals.  So when Financial Planning is mentioned or when someone refers to themselves as a Financial Planner, what does that mean?  Join the team from Wise Money as they launch a new series on what Financial Planning is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important.

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