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S2E26: What You Need To Know If You’re Buying or Selling a House This Year

Housing season is officially underway, and with interest rates still low and the benefit of warmer temperatures, many people are looking to make big home decisions this spring and summer.  That said, what should we all expect with the housing market this year, and is it a good time to buy or sell?  Financial Planners Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory welcome special guest Diane Bennett, realtor with Inspired Homes at Remax 100, for this week’s episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group. 

S2E25: Did You Miss The Stock Market Rally?

A new study has revealed that half of all American’s have missed out on the stock market rally that started after the election 3 months ago.  If that’s you, what should you do now?  If you did participate in the stock market’s recent surge, but now are concerned the market is too high, what should you do?  Financial Planners Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory break down what you should do from here with your investments on this week’s episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group. 

S2E24: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Although it is not always an accurate gauge of financial success, reaching the milestone of being a millionaire is something American’s have strived towards for decades.  Along the path, and despite good intentions, many have been tripped up by specific behaviors that ultimately have caused them to be unsuccessful.  In today’s episode of Wise Money, Mike, Josh, and Kevin discuss these devastating habits that cause folks to stumble in their pursuit of financial success in order to help you avoid falling for similar traps.

S2E23: How To Win This Tax Season (part 2)

How have the tax laws changed this year and are you prepared for them this tax season?  Mike and Josh welcome back special guest Ryan Fair, CPA, in this episode of Wise Money to discuss further how to win this tax season, and specifically covering what’s changed and how it could impact you.

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