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S2E17: Leadership in Your Finances

Financial leadership, being a positive influence in your own financial life and in the lives of others, is needed now more than ever.  As the 2016 year begins to wind down, join Mike, Josh, and Kevin for this special edition of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group as they welcome leadership expert, Justin Maust, to the program to discuss common leadership practices and how to apply leadership to your finances. 

S2E16: Options for Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt is a mounting obstacle for many individuals and can be one of the riskiest forms to debt a person can have.  All the more reason to be attentive to the types of relief and forgiveness programs available by the US government.  In this episode, join Mike, Josh and Kevin as they discuss the different types of student loan forgiveness programs that are out there so that you know how they work and if you qualify.

S2E15: Biggest Financial Mistakes by Generation, and How To Avoid Them

Avoiding key mistakes is as important for your financial future as making the right financial decisions.  In this episode, Kevin, Josh, and Mike explore the biggest financial mistakes people make, generation by generation, to help you avoid making them yourself.

S2E14: The Three Stages of Retirement – Stage 3: The “No-Go” Years

Your retirement is going to go through 3 different and unique stages, and in order to plan best you need to know what they are.  On this week’s episode, Financial Planners Kevin Korhorn, Mike Bernard and Josh Gregory wrap up the three-part series on the different phases of retirement, helping you have a better plan.

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