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S2E13: The Three Stages of Retirement – Stage 2: The “Slow-Go” Years

Most people go through three different stages in retirement that each have their own unique financial planning issues and concerns.  Join Josh, Mike, and Kevin in this episode as they discuss the second stage of retirement, the “Slow-Go” years, so that you can plan ahead appropriately.

S2E12: The Three Stages of Retirement – Stage 1: The “Go-Go” Years

For most of us, our retirement will span many years, ideally even a few decades.  How does your life and financial circumstances evolve over this long time-span?  We’ve noticed a pattern among retirees: that their retirement tends to go through three different and distinct stages, each with their own unique issues and financial planning obstacles.  In this episode, Mike, Josh, and Kevin launch the first of a three-part series discussing the various stages of retirement so that you can be aware of them and plan better for them.

S2E11: The Election and Your Money

The speculation is over and the results are in on who the next president is of the United States of America.  What’s not so clear is what it means for your money and financial plan.  In this episode, Kevin, Mike and Josh discuss the financial impact the new president may have on the American economy, wall street, and your pocket book.

S2E10: Do You Have The Right Retirement Plan?

Employer sponsored retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes.  There are important differences between them, and in order for you to get the most out of your plan, it’s crucial that you understand those details.  Kevin, Josh and Mike break down the details and differences on a variety of retirement plans so that you know which one is best for your business, and so that you can make yours work best for you.

S2E9: Understanding Your Employee Benefits

Every fall most employers allow their employees to select or make changes to the employee benefits available to them.  During your working years, these employee benefits make up a significant portion of your financial foundation, making it all the more important that you’re selecting the right options.  Listen to Kevin, Josh and Mike discuss the various types of employee benefits available and which ones you should go for and which ones to avoid.

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