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S2E8: How To Be Great At Saving Money

Yet another study was just released depicting how bad the average American is at saving money.  With saving money being such an important foundation to financial success, how can you turn it from a weakness to a strength in your financial life? On this week’s episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group, Mike,Josh and Kevin discuss the latest findings and what specifically you should do to get better at this important habit.

S2E7: Why You Need To Be Doing Tax Planning

Ever wonder if you could be doing something different to pay less taxes? Tax Planning is one of the most important components of your retirement plan, as it reveals what opportunities are available to you to pay less taxes over your lifetime. In this week's episode of Wise Money, Kevin, Mike and special guest Ryan Fair discuss what Tax Planning is and the many ways it can help your tax situation. 

S2E6: What You Need To Know About Medicare

Medicare Open Enrollment is upon us for 2016, and it’s more confusing than it’s ever been.  Join Mike and Kevin as they welcome back special guest Ted Foster, health insurance and Medicare expert, to the show for a discussion about Medicare that everyone will benefit from.

S2E5: Financial FAQ’s

Josh,Kevin and Mike do nothing but answer your questions on this week’s episode ofWise Money with Korhorn Financial Group. Topics include planning for retirement, how much house you can afford,estate planning, and more.

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