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S1E32: Life Transition Series: Going From Married to Being Single Again

Whether it is from the passing of a spouse or from a divorce, many of us will have the difficult task at some point in our life of transition from being married to being single again.  Join financial planners Kevin, Josh and Mike in a discussion about the difficult stage of life and the financial challenges it poses.

S1E31: Life Transition Series: From Working to Retirement

Retirement is likely the biggest financial decision a person makes in their entire life.  Therefore, the planning and analysis of knowing when you’re ready to make this transition couldn’t be more important.  Financial planners Kevin,Josh and Mike discuss this all important life transition, howto prepare for it and what mistakes to avoid, in this episode of Wise Money with Korhorn Financial Group.

S1E30: Life Transition Series: Financial Focus For An Empty Nester

Becoming an empty nester is a critically important stage in most people’s financial life.  For many, it’s your opportunity to make a last push for your retirement goal, but these days it’s also serving another important purpose.  Join financial planners Kevin, Josh and Mike as they discuss the financial priorities in this stage of life, as well as common mistakes and howto avoid them.

S1E29: Life Transition Series: The Financial Planning Issues When Transitioning to Having Kids In College

Sendingyour kids off to college is one of the biggest financial goals people planfor.  The planning for that transitionand through that transition is critically important.  In this episode Kevin, Josh and Mike discussplanning for college and how to put your kids through school with financialsuccess.

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