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S1E23: The Most Common Tax Mistakes

Have you ever wondered if you missed something on your tax return? Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike as they discuss the most common tax mistakes people make so that you can avoid making them.

S1E22: Is an HSA a better Retirement account than a 401(k)?

Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike as they debate the unusual economic stimulus that Iceland did, whether an HSA is a better retirement vehicle than a 401(k), and how the Obama Administration is taking aim at people's retirement.

S1E21: Making Sense of the Market Volatility

Join Kevin, Josh, and Mike as they dive further in the rough start to the stock market in 2016, what's news and what's noise, and what you should do about it.

S1E20: Important Tax Breaks Restored For This Year

Join Kevin, Josh, Mike and Ryan Fair as they discuss the tax season ahead and some of the important tax breaks Congress restored for you to take advantage of.
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